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Nelson 800i

$275 / day     $600 / week     $1800 / month


This new, dependable, light-weight and compact stud welder is not light in power and precision. It can deliver up to 800 amps for 1/2" ( 12mm) full base diameter stud welding. The friendly user interface has 10* preset buttons, bright alpha-numeric displays, graphic gun, and weld quality indicator. Its simplicity reduces set-up time, operator training, and error. Precision control at 60,000 Hz frequency ensures the most stable arc, accurate heat input and highest quality welding process.


  • Energy Efficient inverter saves hundreds to thousands of dollars/euros from old thyristor designs
  • Weld Monitor™ build-in arc energy watchdog to detect bad welds from actual process signals
  • Gun Monitor™ build-in gun watchdog to match gun speed and adaptively compensate for gun wear
  • Cable Monitor™ build-in cable and connector watchdog to detect cable wear and loose connector
  • Stud Expert™ choose setting from stud diameter and can be re-programmed by user spreadsheet
  • Pulse Waveform reduces heat input, cuts surface contaminants and stiffens arc for out-of-position welds
  • Plunge Current™ saves electricity, reduces cable wear, and maintains arc energy despite gun wear
  • Cold Plunge Prevention™ extends arc time when stud plunge is slowed down
  • Constant Energy™ delivers constant heat input despite surface coating, gun lift and flux ball variation
  • Nelware™ production weld quality record keeping and arc signals oscilloscope PC software
  • PLC Interface option provides connectivity to robot and PLC with a host of fieldbus networks
  • Chuck Change Indicator alerts user to perform scheduled preventative maintenance of consumable parts
  • RoHS Compliance eliminates lead and 5 other hazardous substances to protect the environment


Stud Diameter Drawn arc, gas arc, and short cycle
Weld Process 50A-800A continulously adjustable
Weld Time 5 - 1000 ms
Weld Rate 3 stud/min @ 1/2" (12.7 mm)
6 stud/min @ 3/8" (10 mm)
12 studs/min @ 1/4" (6mm)
Dimensions 13" x 10" x 20-1/2"
33 cm x 25 cm x 52 cm
Weight 40 lb (18 kg) without input cord
Input Power 3 phase 208-230v, 50/60 Hz @ 30A
3 phase 400-460v, 50/60 Hz @ 15A
3 phase 575v, 50/60 Hz @ 15A
Material Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, heat-resistant steel, advanced high strength steel
Gun Light duty pinning gun, standard duty NS-40
Insulation IP23S