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The TWE TW6902 is a fully-integrated, dual-gun, stud welding system with two digital controls for time and current. The system was designed to meet the most challenging stud welding jobs to include weld thru-deck applications (this also includes G90 decking).

NEW PRO-TECH'D technology protects the gun circuitry

NEW Improved user interface for more intuitive setup

NEW Factory presets and user customizable presets

NEW Improved weld control

TW6902 Specifications

Size Dimensions: Height 28" (736.6mm)
Width 29" (711.2mm)
Length 36" (914.4mm)
Size Dimensions: 875 lbs (397Kg)
Weld Range: 1/4" to 1-1/4" diameter
Duty Cycle: 1/4" through 5/8" - unlimited
3/4" - 22 to 24 per minute
7/8" - 16 to 18 per minute
1" - 12 to 14 per minute
1-1/4" - 4 to 5 per minute

* Smooth arc curve allows for the wide rage of welding.
* Enhanced duty cycle for production requirements.
* Powerful output for even the largest diameter jobs.
* Stepless time and current control allow for infinite settings for fine tuning the welding output.
* Safety welding interlock
* Keeps system from double triggering and saves on chuck wear.
* Stud Job counter which can be reset per job.
Input Voltage: 230 / 460 / 575 VAC 3 Phase 60Hz
Fusing Requirement: (slow acting)
230/200 Amps
400/100 Amps
460/100 Amps
575/90 Amps